Perry Family Genealogy

Perry Family Genealogy

My great-grandfather was Raymond Oliver Perry. He was born in Visalia, California in 1892. He married Letha Alice Collins in 1917. He worked as a freighter, hauling freight through the mountains between California and Nevada. He was also a buckaroo, breaking horses in willow-branch corrals for various ranches. He served as foreman on ranches in Oregon, Nevada, and California, including the Miller and Lux Ranch and Bishop Ranch. His brand was the 2P, registered in Eastern Oregon. He died in Woodbridge, California, in 1976 and is buried at Cherokee Memorial Park next to his wife, in Lodi, California.

Ray’s parents were John Francis Perry and Anna Rose Stanley. John was born in 1858, in Fiddletown, California, in the heart of the gold mining country. He married Anna Rose in 1886, Lake County, Oregon. John did some mining himself, both in California, and later in Mexico. He drove cattle, worked as a trail hand, and built the homestead 50 miles east of Cedarville, California in Washoe County, Nevada. John died in 1942, and is buried at Yerington, Nevada. Anna Rose, who died in 1953, is buried beside him.

John’s parents were Elijah Perry and Dinah Ann Mapes. Elijah was born about 1823, possibly in Kentucky. Dinah was born in 1825, New York. They married in 1851, St. Louis, Missouri. Elijah set out soon after, with a few friends, on horseback through Indian country, to California and the gold mines. He must have found some, because he sent for Dinah and her two children, George Parker and Adelia Malett, from two previous marriages. They sailed from Texas to San Francisco, traveling around the Horn. Once they arrived, the family moved to Fiddletown, where Elijah continued mining. In 1861, Elijah joined the 1st Regiment, California Cavalry, Company A. He died of scurvy while serving with the regiment in Arizona. Unfortunately, scurvy was not only prevalent in the Army, it was also with miners. Dinah married for the 4th time, this time to William Brown, who died in 1878. She reportedly (by son John) died in San Jose, California in 1898. But I have yet to find any evidence of her dying here or anywhere.

I am grateful for the little bits of information I do have, but of course I have many more questions.

I would like to know where Elijah was born (county and state) and also who his parents were.
I would like to know where and when Dinah died. I would love to know who her parents were, but that may come in time.
Dinah apparently stayed with her family while waiting on a ship to California. I don’t know if they were her parents, or just relations, but I would like to know who they were and their relation to Dinah.

If you are related, or think you could be, to this family branch, drop me a line and let’s compare notes!


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