Travels Through Minnesota, 2013

We didn’t have any genealogy to do in Minnesota. Absolutely none. But, we did have three very dear friends (from three very different time periods) to visit, so on we went.

We ended up in three different towns, as well, but they all clustered together quite well: Ham Lake, northeast of Minneapolis; Burnsville, south of Minneapolis; and St. Paul. It’s really great when you can get three friends of your own who have never met to cooperate so well as to live close by each other so that you can visit them all easily. Just saying.

Ham Lake was really beautiful, with the lake, ponds, petting zoo, Canadian Geese, and sand-hill crane for enjoyment. The lilac bushes were in bloom, too, which were just gorgeous.

In Burnsville, we ate at a Norwegian breakfast place that was really outstanding. The local CVS drugstore got a little annoyed that we parked our truck and trailer there for an hour. Even though we were in the back. Of the empty parking lot. Oh, well.

St. Paul had a charming coffee shop we visited in their downtown section. We walked there through turn-of-the-last-century neighborhoods, with beautifully restored homes, gorgeous tall trees, and well-kept yards.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, and wouldn’t mind coming back a bit!


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