Mullis Family Genealogy

Mullis Family Genealogy

The Mullis family is an interesting lot, particularly because the name Mullis is unusual. Some think it may be Swiss in origin, and maybe it is. A Swiss document from a few hundred years ago mentions a Mullis, and that’s why the name may in fact be Swiss. But the line we research starts much, much later in Virginia. So who’s to say what the origin of this family line is? If we do find out, it won’t be for some time!

Mary “Molly” Mullis is  Travel Buddy’s great-grandmother, and right off the bat we run into unusual situations. Molly was born in 1846 in Attalya County, Mississippi. She married William Franklin Guthrie, after the family traveled to Arkansas, and then Texas.

Molly’s parents were William Dukel Mullis and Lydia Barnes. Both were born in North Carolina, Dukel in 1811, and Lydia in 1813. Lydia was born in Anson County, and Dukel’s father and grandfather died in Anson County, so that could have been where Dukel was born, too. Dukel and Lydia moved from North Carolina to Mississippi, then Ashley County, Arkansas, where Lydia’s father, William Barnes, died in 1855. From there they moved in Williamson County, Texas, where Dukel died in 1880. Lydia died in Coleman County, Texas, in 1905.

Dukel’s parents were Solomon Mullis and Mary Jane Griffin. Solomon was born in 1757, Essex County, Virginia. He died in Anson County, North Carolina in 1840. Mary Jane died in North Carolina in 1859.

Solomon’s parents were John Jackson Mullis and Susanna Dancer. Both were born in Virginia in 1720. Both died in Anson County, North Carolina, Susanna in 1770, and John in 1785.

John Jackson’s father was Richard Mullis, born 1690 in Lancaster County, Virginia. He died in 1745, somewhere in Virginia.

That’s the extent of the knowledge on this Mullis line. If you are related to this line, leave a comment and I’ll put you in touch with Travel Buddy.


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