Travels Through Kansas, 2013

Kansas was somewhat disappointing in terms of research, but still interesting.

I was looking for an ancestor’s grave in Reno County, and not only didn’t find it, but nothing in his small village was left from his time period in 1885.

Drove to another village (Indianola, Shawnee County) that had completely disappeared.

So, I tried to focus more on the beauty we were seeing….wheat fields, those amber waves of grain that we so rarely see at home, were everywhere, rippling in the breeze. The wonderfully tall green trees stretching up to the sky in many, many more places than I imagined.

Finally, in Wyandotte County, I found two of my ancestors: my great-great grandparents, John Dalton and Mary Phillips, who I didn’t even know were buried in Kansas until a couple of years ago, were exactly where they were supposed to be. Somehow, when you finally manage to find ancestors and connect with family across the generations, it just feels special.

I may never come back to Kansas, but now I know what isn’t here…and what still is.

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