Oklahoma Travel Pics

Oklahoma 1 Oklahoma 2

I can’t say that I would ever have an interest in storm chasing. For one thing, I have zero interest in being up close to any weather action, the closest being that I do enjoy sitting on my covered porch, watching a good old thunderstorm develop…from miles away.

But after we drove through both El Reno AND Oklahoma City on the same afternoon (both beautiful sunny days, by the way) and then headed out of town as the dark clouds began to gather…well, all of a sudden we were in one of the worst rainstorms either of us has ever seen. Sheets of rain coming down so hard we pulled over…along with several other vehicles, including a couple of semis. Then after the rain let up, we got back on the road only to be hit with progressively larger hail! So, we pulled over again, along with everybody else. Finally, things looked better, so we headed out again, but the clouds were so strange looking, I took these pics through the windshield as we drove out of the storm. Much later, we found out that not only had tornadoes hit both OKC and El Reno, but that they were being described as “a tornado wrapped around another tornado.” I’m guessing that’s what we were on the outskirts of, and no closer…thank goodness.


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