McCleary/McLeary Family Genealogy

McCleary/McLeary Family Genealogy

This family began as McLeary, but transitioned to McCleary. Basically, they were McLeary in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, but McCleary in Tennessee and Texas. This is not exact, though.

The most recent McCleary in this family line was Samuel S. McCleary III. He was born in Madison County, Tennessee, in 1819. He married Mary Jane Tomlinson in 1839. Samuel and Mary both died in Fannin County, Texas, Samuel in 1858, and Mary in 1901. They are buried in Honey Grove, Texas.

Samuel III’s parents were Samuel McCleary II and Elizabeth Smith. Samuel was born in 1779 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He and Elizabeth’s death dates are unknown at this time, but they both died in Tennessee, Samuel before 1850, and Elizabeth after 1850.

Samuel II’s parents were Robert McLeary and Abigail McDowell. Note this is the last generation in this line that used the McLeary name vs. McCleary. Robert and Abigail were born in 1736 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They married in 1764, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Robert died in 1791, and Abigail died in 1805. They are both buried at the Steele Creek Presbyterian Cemetery in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Robert’s parents were Andrew McLeary and Isabella. Isabella’s last name is unknown at this time. Andrew was born in 1707 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He died in 1748 in Lancaster County. This is as far back as the McLeary family goes at this time, but it is believed the McLearys are from Northern Ireland. The McDowells are from County Antrim, so it could be true!

If you are related to this line, let me know, and I’ll give you the email of a cousin. Then you can compare notes!

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