Travels Through Oklahoma, 2013

Oklahoma was a great place to go looking for old addresses. While at the library searching  for birth announcements on microfiche, it was really interesting to read the ads, comics, and articles from decades ago.

I was reading one paper published in the late ’30s, prior to America’s involvement in World War II. It was fascinating, and more than a little eerie, to read an editorial strongly against America going to war, claiming World War I had been bad enough, and what was the big deal about Hitler, anyway? Scary, scary stuff. I hope that editor felt really foolish in retrospect.

On the way traveling through the state, we drove right through El Reno and then Oklahoma City, just ahead of the tornadoes there. Naturally, we didn’t realize it at the time, but we ran into a huge storm on our way north, that in hindsight must have been the outer edge of the tornadoes. An incredible downpour turned frightening very fast, as sheets of rain fell so fast and strong that the visibility on the road turned to zero. We pulled off for a time, joining a number of others, but then got back on the road when the rain seemed to let up. But next was the hail. We pulled off again with scores of others as the hail grew larger. Luckily, it never got larger than dime-sized, but it was especially loud and scary in the truck! Then, we were on our way once more, but we kept one eye out on the ominous dark clouds…I truly have never seen anything like it.


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