Ladd Family Genealogy

Ladd Family Genealogy

My connection to the Ladd family is what I would consider a weak link. I hope to find more information this summer that will strengthen this connection, and maybe fill in some holes.

My closest Ladd is Mary Ladd, who was born I don’t know when or where, and died I don’t know when or where. Not a very auspicious beginning, is it? I do know she married Cyrus Jones in 1818 in Penobscot County, Maine, so that may be where I begin my search for the elusive Mary.

Daughters of the American Revolution information indicates that she is a part of the New Hampshire Ladds, and maybe she is. But the information was submitted so long ago, even the DARs may not accept it as proof any longer (requirements are much more strident these days, as they should be). I am hoping to find more information either in Maine, New Hampshire, or possibly even in DC at Constitution Hall, the DAR library.

So, I know Mary is a Ladd…I’m just not sure if she is indeed in this particular branch of Ladds. I’ll go ahead and post what I’ve got now…and I’ll do an update later, as necessary.

Mary’s parents, therefore, may be: Simeon Ladd and Lizzie Hines. Simeon and Lizzie were born in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, Simeon in 1757, and Lizzie in 1761. They married in the same county in 1774. Simeon and Lizzie both died in Kennebec County, Maine, in 1823. As Mary Ladd Jones’s son, Cyrus Jones, Jr. was born in Kennebec County, Maine also in 1823, it seems entirely plausible that this Mary Ladd may really be their Mary Ladd. But time will tell. I hope.

If Simeon is Mary’s father, then her paternal grandparents would be Paul Ladd and Martha Folsom. Paul and Martha were also born in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, both in 1719. They married and died in the same county, marrying in 1741. Paul died in 1783, and Martha died in 1804.

If you are related to this family (and especially if you have proof of Mary’s parentage either way) please drop me a comment. I’d love to hear what you know of this family.

2 thoughts on “Ladd Family Genealogy

  1. Paul & Martha Folsom Ladd married in 1747. They lived in Stratham N.H. and later in Epping, N.H.. Had a son Simeon born Jan. 15, 1757 married Lizzie Hines. Lizzie was from Nottingham N.H. and they lived there for a time. They moved to Winthrop Maine. Daughter Mary, was married to a Cyrus Jones.

    That’s all I have on them as my Ladd family goes in another direction. However look up the book ” The Ladd Family a Genealogical and Biographical Memoir” Written by Warren Ladd printed in 1890. Your story starts about page 50 of the book.

    I am sure that google has it as a readable book on line. This could be a gold mine for you.
    Good Luck!

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