Travels through Texas, 2013

Texas is a great place to do genealogy research. Lots of folks share our passion, and plenty of information is just waiting to be discovered.

Things I have noticed in particular on this trip:
1. The prettiest grave markers are often the hardest to read.
2. Genealogy Research centers can be goldmines of data…and not just for the state you are researching.

For example, the black and white striped granite tombstones resist weathering really well. They hold their shape and edges, and if you run your fingers over the writing, you will be impressed with how deep the carving is even a hundred years later. But as for reading the inscriptions…forget about it. The rose-colored granite that was used to build the state capitol in Austin is a popular choice for tombstones, as well. Very attractive…but also very difficult to read.

Genealogy centers are a wealth of information. Just this past week, we spent a day poring over just city directories. Back in the day, directories not only included addresses…they also listed occupations, marital status, education status, all sorts of goodies. After learning the different addresses everyone lived at different times, we had a great time driving up and down streets checking to see which were still standing after 80, 90, 100 years. Of course, many had been torn down long ago…and some more recently. But many were still standing, which was fun to see and picture our relatives living there, so long ago. In a few cases, the street names had changed, which the genealogy center was able to help us with very quickly.

All in all, a very productive couple of days. We will have different experiences in other counties and states, but this is what we found on this particular portion.

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