The Art of Cocktails

The art of mixing cocktails seems to be all but lost.

There are a few boutique lounges where you can order old-timey drinks such as Singapore Slings, Old-fashioneds, and the like.

Books are available that provide detailed recipes so you can mix your own. A quick search on the Internet reveals many sites and apps that have recipes, as well.

But the concept of mixing up a pitcher of one drink to serve to all seems to have vanished. And unless you are willing to invest in all those different liquors and mixers, which will become very costly very quickly, you’re out of luck.

Most bars only serve the fruity, sweet and sour, easy mixes that the masses swill down without savoring. Your average bartender has never heard of a Rusty Nail, let alone know how to mix one.

I guess as society advances there are many things that fall to the wayside as we instinctively make room for greater, more mass-produced things.

I just miss the old school cocktail hour where you could sit and talk quietly to a few friends, and relish the moments of calmness and civility. People weren’t trying to get drunk…they were just being social.

I know these places still exist. They’re just getting tougher to find. To those of you who understand what I mourn, I raise a glass. Cheers!


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