Kearby Family Genealogy

Kearby Family Genealogy

My first Kearby is Sarah Jane Kearby, who was born in Jessamine County, Kentucky, in 1814. She married John Cave. Sarah Jane died in 1891, in Indiana.

Her parents were Richard Leroy Kearby and Nancy Jane Dean. Richard was born in Botetourt County, Virginia, in 1788. Nancy Dean was born in Jessamine County, Kentucky in 1794. Richard and Nancy are both buried on Moore’s Ridge, Orange County, Indiana, Nancy in 1868, Richard in 1877.

Richard’s parents were Hawkins Kearby and Priscilla Ann Campbell. Hawkins was born in 1742, Virginia. Priscilla was born in 1744, Pennsylvania. Hawkins died in 1814, in Jessamine County, Kentucky. Priscilla died in 1836, Orange County, Indiana.

Hawkins’s parents were Francis Kearby and Mary Hawkins. Francis was born in 1704, in Goochland County, Virginia. Mary was born in 1716, in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. They are both buried in Albemarle County, Mary having died in 1750, and Francis in 1762.

I have found more about the Kearby Family in recent months. I have been to the gravesites of Richard and Nancy, but did not know where Sarah Jane, John Cave, or Priscilla were buried. Now that I do, I am planning on visiting their graves this summer. I have found nothing on the Kearby Family in Kentucky (or very little) which was very disappointing. When Richard and Nancy were married, a James Dean was the bondsman, as Nancy would have been 17 years old when they married. There was a James Dean family in Jessamine County, but according to James Dean’s will, he did not have a daughter named Nancy. But I do know her name was Dean. Maybe James was her uncle? I plan to go to the Kentucky Archives this summer, and I am hoping to find out more about this line. I have found no information on where Hawkins is buried in that county. I am going to both Botetourt and Albemarle counties in Virginia, and I am hoping to learn something more about both the Kearby and Campbell families.

We’ll see what shakes loose!

If you are related to this family line, drop me a comment, and let’s compare notes.


2 thoughts on “Kearby Family Genealogy

  1. I take care of a small cemetery in Woodford County Kentucky (adjoins Jessamine County). My 3rd great grandfather, John H. Kearby and his wife Elizabeth Irvine Kearby, are buried there. The farm was a land grant I believe.
    The cemetery is known as the Robards family cemetery. John H., was the son of Francis Benjamin Keraby and grandson of Hawkins Kearby.

    I would love to hear from you.

    1. Hi, Woody! Great to hear from you. I wish I knew more about my Kearby family. We evidently are cousins, though! When I wrote this post it was right before I left on a trip that included Kentucky. I had located three ancestor graves, and was really excited to revisit the area where they were buried in Indiana. To my utter disappointment, however, I discovered that both Priscilla and Sarah were buried on private property (different places) that both owners did not wish to allow strangers to visit. Understandable, but I was so sorry to learn this. The last one, John Cave, was evidently buried at the top of a hill, with no path that I could determine. The weeds were so high in the field surrounding the hill that I was forced to let the search end. I am not a timid person, but to roam around in a field with vegetation that high…I would not have been able to see a hole until I fell in one, and if there were ticks…it’s just not how I have found graves to be in other states, with well-tended cemeteries, and at least mowed often, if not truly cleared. I am sure you are my first Kearby cousin! Thanks for finding me!

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