The Road Ahead

I absolutely love the first day on the road.

Just like starting the first chapter of a new book by a beloved author, pulling out of the drive in the morning and heading on down the trail is an incredible feeling.

Even though we plan out our route well in advance, there’s something special about actually seeing it play out. Besides, no matter how much planning you do in advance, there are always the surprising bits: places that didn’t live up to expectations, or which were unexpectedly closed, or those areas that were even better than you imagined, because you saw more, heard more, or somehow just felt more.

Every trip presents its own set of challenges and hurdles, and this one will be no different. The key is to approach every day with an open mind and a generous heart. If you can do that, then every day will be a treasure, one way or another. I remember each and every trip I’ve ever made, and I am always amazed at the lessons learned, the wonders seen, and the adventures followed on every single one.

I mentioned in an earlier entry that we have been to all these states before…just not to all the same counties, sites, and parks. That’s part of the thrill: going back to a place you’ve been, but seeing it in a completely different light, either because the frame of reference has changed, the place has changed, or I’ve changed.

Bags are packed, truck’s gassed up, trailer’s loaded: let’s go!!


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