Preparing for the Road, part VI

I am a huge fan of checklists. Even before I entered this stage of life where I sometimes cannot remember why I walked into a room in the first place, let alone what I was planning to do next, I would write out lists.

Lists of goals. Lists of chores. Wish lists. Song lists. Book lists. I almost needed a list of all the lists, and had I thought of the need for such an index, no doubt I would have created one.

When planning to leave for a trip, particularly a long one, I am soon off and running with my many lists, once again.

For example, I have a list for the things we still need to complete before leaving, such as dealing with the mail, shopping for a few little items for the trailer, last minute dentist and doctor visits, and coming to some sort of agreement with the cable company, among other things.

I have a list of all the places we are stopping, whether for genealogy or for historic interest.

I have a list of all the folks we are hoping to connect with, either friends or family.

And then I have a list of all the things we need to do despite being on the road: sending cards or making calls for anniversaries and birthdays; keeping up with bill payments; sending postcards as events warrant; keeping current with what’s happening at home, even as we travel.

Lastly, I have lists of collections. I collect shot glasses, and Travel Buddy collects spoons. We have hundreds of each, from previous traversings of countries and states, but we are also missing some. Though we have previously visited all 50 states at one time or another, I am missing shot glasses from Illinois, Indiana, and Nebraska. I have them from the other 47. We are not going to Nebraska, but as we travel through the other two, I will keep a look out for a couple of good ones to add to my collection.

I guess it’s fairly extreme to keep so many lists. All I know is it sure keeps me organized!


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