Guthrie Family Genealogy

Guthrie Family Genealogy

Jane’s mother was a Guthrie, descended through Thomas Lee Guthrie from William Franklin Guthrie.

William Franklin Guthrie was born in 1841 in Georgia. We believed he was born in Coweta County, Georgia for a long time, but as we cannot find his parents’ marriage in that county, it is possible he was born elsewhere. But wherever “elsewhere” turns out to be, William was born in Georgia. He married Mary (Molly) Mullis in Williamson County, Texas. He died in Brownwood, Texas in 1915.

William’s parents were James Martin Guthrie and Belinda Bishop. James was born in Edgefield, South Carolina in 1802. Belinda was born in South Carolina in 1816. They married in 1834, Georgia, but we have not located where, just yet. We are hoping to track this marriage down this summer. James and Belinda moved to Texas in 1846, first living in Upshur County, then moving to Williamson County. James was killed in a dispute with a neighbor over a cow in 1854. Belinda died many years later in 1882. They were both buried in what is now a planted field.   Belinda’s headstone is broken, and James’s is gone, but you can still see the pieces of Belinda’s and other, apparently more recent, stones. It is on private land (which is always a hamper to genealogy research!) but we were lucky to climb through the brambles on this isle of vegetation within this planted field.

James’s parents were William P. Guthrie and Elisabeth Sheppard. At least, the conventional research indicates this is true. So far, no proof has tied James either to William, or to his father, Garrett, but the jury is still out, mainly because no other likely candidate has been discovered. James IS, however, a proven descendent of John Guthrie and Mary Shea. John and Mary were both born in 1689, Middlesex County, Virginia, married in 1722, Middlesex County, Virginia, and died in Middlesex County, Virginia, John in 1733, Mary in 1743. DNA evidence through research has linked James to his great-grandfather John. It’s just the two generations in between that are in dispute. William and Elisabeth married in Caswell County, North Carolina. It is not known at this time who Garrett Guthrie/Guthrey married.

If this is your line, drop me a comment, and I will get you in touch with Jane.


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  1. Hi! i am Lottie Hancock. My grandmother was Clara Odessa Guthrie, daughter of William Wesley Guthrie and Clara Ethel Penn. I would love to share notes.

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