Griffin Family Genealogy

Griffin Family Genealogy

This line is from Jane’s mother’s side. Thomas G. Griffin was born in 1753 in Essex County, Virginia. He married Mary Elizabeth Mullis in 1769, Essex County, Virginia. Thomas died in July 1807.

Thomas’s father, Richard, was born 1720, in Prince George County, Virginia. I do not know his wife’s name. He died in March 1777.

Both Richard and Thomas were buried in Anson County on the old Griffin farm, ten miles east of Monroe, North Carolina. The last time we were in Anson County/Union County (which was a couple of years ago) we tried hard to find this graveyard, driving up and down the road from Monroe to more than twenty miles east. I am convinced we were in the right neighborhood (Richardson creek is in the area, too, and we found that) but as the graveyard is someone’s farm, these two men are of course buried on private property. Private property that we may not be able to access.

When we return to the area this summer, I plan on trying a lot harder to find out if we can gain access to this graveyard. I do not believe Richard has a marker, but Thomas is supposed to. is not very forthcoming on Thomas, but at least he is listed, along with his wife, Mary Elizabeth.

If you are related to this line, drop me a comment, and I will put you in touch with Jane, who is also a descendent of Thomas and Richard.


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