Preparing for the Road, part IV

Part of preparing for a trip is getting your house in order before you leave.

This year, this included us clearing our storage units, and rearranging, re-boxing, and stacking what was left.

This project took hours of prep work before we ever started work on the actual storage, buying boxes and tape, borrowing a tape gun and securing numerous big black markers.

Then we picked up a number of small pallets for placement on the floor of the main storage unit. The last time we had a rain storm big enough to produce flood conditions, it turned out to be the same night some idiot left the inner door to the storage corridor open. Plenty of water came in, destroying a number of items we wish we still had. The small pallets keep the boxes just a few inches off the floor…but enough to save them should such a disastrous situation occur again.

I will update this entry as we complete this stage of the process…at the moment, we are still looking for a couple of folks to help us move everything out of the storage units, then disappear for a few hours, returning to place the boxes back in the units. So far we have contacted three sets of folks and gotten agreement from each…but they can’t get their schedules to coincide with ours! Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Preparing for the Road, part IV

    1. You know, we started with plastic bins, and ran into trouble. It’s probably because we have some that are heavier than others, and further compounded the problem by transporting the bins several hundred miles. But once we got them into the storage area and stacked correctly, within a short time, most started cracking along the bottom, particularly at the corners. They are in acclimatized storage, but that doesn’t seem to help. So when the water came in, it damaged a lot of stuff that was actually in plastic tubs that had cracked…some obviously, some not so obvious.

      The other issue with plastic tubs is that although most are stackable, they don’t fit right up to each other as cardboard boxes do. That means a great deal of wasted space. Loved the plastic at first purchase, but gotta go with the cardboard now.

      Thanks for the comment!

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