Technology Changes

We all have horror stories with the ever-widening transformations technology has wreaked throughout our individual lives.

Yes, technological advances have made our lives easier and, let’s face it, often even more fun. We can all point to the wonder of the cell phone and the marvelous ability to contact a friend or family member for help, or even just to say hello, from the car, the zoo, the supermarket. But we also all know somebody who has dropped that same technological wonder right in the toilet, at one point or another.

The concept of being able to go to the video store and pick out a movie and bring it into the comfort of our own home was breathtaking. Now that we can stream videos on the TV, laptop, or cell phone and watch them just as easily, we hardly notice. We have totally accepted without as much as a blink, the ability to watch movies at any time almost anywhere. Yet, not so long ago, my VCR constantly blinked 12:00, as my inability to learn how to set the clock dominated the LCD display.

Now that we have cell phones, laptops, and an i-pad, we have also added a router. I don’t pretend to have the knowledge of how a cell phone works. Well, I understand a cell phone. What I don’t get is how that same phone can operate as a computer. I have decided to make peace with pretty much all technology I don’t understand by simply referring to it all as magic.

Flash drives are an amazing wonder to me, too. I understood floppy discs, at least in concept. I even grasped flash drives, at least when they first came out. About a year ago, I stopped being able to comprehend how such a little thing can possibly hold the sheer amount of information that it does (and will do, as the capacity grows in later models).

Thankfully, most technology has become more and more user-friendly as we’ve expanded. Otherwise, I’d have to do more than just call it magic. I’d have to outright hire a magician.

2 thoughts on “Technology Changes

    1. I sure know what you mean. I do not understand how flash drives work, but I get the concept. So I pretend it’s magic, and let it go. But smart phones are trickier. They are not all easy to operate, and it doesn’t help that you are left to figure out the way to understanding on your own, without even a guide book. With time and patience, I have found a way to live in reasonable harmony with my smart phone. But I do not think less of you for turning in yours. It’s definitely an uphill battle.

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