Preparing for the Road, part III

Keeping a journal.

I like to keep a journal while traveling, particularly when it’s for an extended period of time. For one thing, it helps with remembering details like where we stayed, or what we ate, that get kinda fuzzy as the years pass. For another, it helps with recalling what happened in what order. Did we go to Richmond first, and then Charlottesville? Or the other way around? This isn’t important in general, but when I’m trying to match photos up with descriptions later…it can be an enormous project. I created a photo/scrap-book years ago, where I alternated photos with text I photocopied from the original journal. I added in admission tickets, etc. and then had great details directly connected with the pictures.

But journaling while traveling runs in my family. My grandma kept a journal, and her aunt did as well. It definitely makes for fun reading nowadays…not just learning where they went, what things cost, and how long things took, but also how they talked, some descriptions having gone by the wayside in today’s world.

This trip, I’m realizing it will be easier to keep two books: one as the regular journal with the day-to-day minutiae that will be the foundation of memories for the future; and the other just to got down ideas for future blog entries or even writing projects.

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