Egg Gathering

I spent lots of time in the country as a kid. Summers, holidays, and weekends were spent out at my grandparents’ place, where we learned how to care for animals, how to ride horses, and how to amuse yourself for hours with nothing but your imagination.

I know I completely took this childhood for granted at the time. But through the years since, I have been grateful for the wonderful adventure that it was.

So I was completely taken aback when a woman, who was talking about gathering eggs from chickens, casually stated that I would be “too young to know anything about that.”

At first I was insulted. I have gathered many, many eggs! Then I was confused: don’t people still own chickens? And those that do, don’t they have to gather those eggs?

But then, after dismissing the woman’s comment, I found myself thinking about the thousands of children who never have gone to gather even one egg. Who may not even ever have wanted to, and in fact, many probably wouldn’t want to, but who never even had the choice.

Makes me appreciate even more so how lucky I was to have the experience I did. Kinda feels more like wool gathering, though….

2 thoughts on “Egg Gathering

  1. I grew up on a farm and often find that my childhood experiences were very different from others. . . gathering eggs.. . feeding cows. . . drinking fresh milk. . . and so on.

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