Gardenhire Family Genealogy

Gardenhire Family Genealogy

This line is a family we have not been working with long. As a result, the information here is limited, and pretty much lifted right off of If this is your line, leave a comment if you are interested in connecting with Travel Buddy.

The most recent Gardenhire of this line is Elmira Gardenhire. She was born in 1817, in Overton County, Tennessee. She married Solomon Holford in 1834, but I don’t know where. Solomon died in 1844, but I do not know when Elmira died. I also do not know where either of them are buried. Did I mention information was limited?

Elmira’s parents may have been Adam Gardenhire and Ailsa Tippett. Ailsa was born in 1792 in Rowan County, North Carolina. She married Adam in Roane County, Tennessee, which was where Adam was born. (Ailsa’s parents, Erasmus Tippett and Lucy Bierling evidently died in Roane County, Tennessee, which bears out the idea they all came there from North Carolina.) Adam and Ailsa both died in Overton County, Tennessee, Adam in 1851, and Ailsa in 1873.

Adam’s parents were Jacob Gardenhire and Margaret Thompson. Jacob was born in 1730 in Pennsylvania. I do not know where or when Margaret was born. They married in 1768, but I do not know where. Jacob and Margaret both died in Overton County, Tennessee, Jacob in 1824, and Margaret in 1855.

We are planning on a visit to both Overton and Roane counties this summer…but if you have further information to help us fill in some holes in our research, please let us know!

10 thoughts on “Gardenhire Family Genealogy

  1. I am a descendant of Elmira’s brother Erasmus Lee “Buck” Holford. I am convinced that Elmira was the daughter of Adam Gardenhire as her brother (my great-great-grandfather) was named for their uncle and grandfather. I’d be happy to share any info I have and would be glad to learn of any additional information you may have.

  2. Oops, sorry. I was writing about Elmira’s daughter Elmira who married David Snodgrass and later William Little. And I meant to say that I am convinced that that she is the granddaughter of Adam Gardenhire.

    As for the Elmira the mother (about whom you were posting here – my great-great-great grandmother), I can find no information as to when she died, but I am inclined to think that it was in childbirth with the daughter named after her mother. I’m sure she married Solomon Holford in Overton County, because they all lived in the same area of Overton County.

    1. Hi, Dave! Thanks for the comment. I guess we’re going to have to find out more about Solomon Holford before we can learn more about Elmira Gardenhire. Have you been to Overton County? They have some good stuff on the Gardenhire side, but nothing on Holfords.

  3. Dave, in re to Elmira’s marriages. Did she have children with either? I just found that I was related to many early families in Overton Co., TN, and am trying to fill in some blanks. I ‘googled’ the Holford family which got me started.
    My primary focus is the Alley line.

    1. Hi, Walter. Until Dave responds…which Elmira are you inquiring about? Elmira Gardenhire or Elmira Holford? Elmira Holford had three children with David Snodgrass: Mary Snodgrass, Alice Snodgrass, and Frank Lee Snodgrass, and one child with William Little: Mattie Little. Elmira Gardenhire had two children with Samuel Holford: Elmira Holford and Erasmus Holford. Hope this helps!

      1. I have two projects: FIRST. To review various lineages of John Holford, born ca1770, to ascertain if in fact his wife was Sarah Alley, born ca1790 in Greenville, SC. John and Sarah are purported to have had two children: Matthew, born Mar. 13, 1808, married Harriet Alley; and Solomon, born Apr. 15, 1817, married Elmira Gardenhire. SECOND. To ascertain if John Eldridge, born ca1770, married Sarah Gilliland, born ca1770, the aunt of Sarah Alley, wife of John Holford.

      2. You are the first person I’ve seen suggest that Sarah Holford was nee Alley. What evidence have you uncovered for this? How then is she related to Harriet, wife of Matthew?

        As you should know from my website, John and Sarah Holford had eight children, of whom Matthew was the eldest and Solomon was 5th.

        My information shows that my g-g-g-g-grandfather John Eldridge married Sarah Gilliland and begat my g-g-g-grandfather James Eldridge in 1800. I was unaware of any connection between Sarah Gilliland and Sarah Holford. However, John and Sarah Eldridge’s granddaughter Selina Elizabeth “Betty” Eldridge married my g-g-grandfather Erasmus Lee “Buck” Holford, only son of Solomon.

        I should be able to tell you just about anything you want to know about the Officers. Cynthia Holford was the sister of Matthew and Solomon. She was married to the William Alexander Officer born 22 Feb 1812. The confusion may be due to another William A. Officer who was a cousin and contemporary of my Uncle Billy, and lived nearby. I can assure you that W.A. married to Cynthia most definitely did not marry in 1890, as he died 8 Sep 1886.

        Uncle Billy and Aunt Cynthia are main characters in the the novel I have been working on for some time.

    2. Sorry I haven’t responded sooner, but I’ve been swamped with other things. Elmira Gardenhire married Solomon Holford, not Samuel Holford. Otherwise, the information wordsmithmagic has is what I have. I do not have much more information about Solomon Holford, other than that he died while with the Arkansas Conference of the Methodist Church as a Circuit rider. There does not seem to be any information as to which circuit he was on when he died. He was in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana (which was part of the Arkansas Conference) in the 1840 census, but didn’t die until Sept 1844, so as per Methodist policy would not have still been on that circuit. Presumably he died somewhere in Arkansas.

      His daughter, Elmira the younger, died 1 May 1900 in Coleman, Texas, where she had moved with her second husband, William Little. David Snodgrass died in 1863, during the Recent Unpleasantness.

  4. I would like to learn more about the Officer family of Overton and Putnam Cos., TN. Specifically, William Alexander Officer, born Feb. 22, 1812, married Cynthia Holford on Feb. 11, 1836. It appears that there are two more boys with same name, born in 1847 and ca1870, that seem to be confused with the ‘initial’ W.A. Officer! Can anyone clear thyis up? EX: One source shows the initial W.A., born in 1812, as marrying in 1890!!

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