Preparing for the Road, part II

We’re in the midst of the chaos that is route-planning, now.

All the available maps have been pulled, all the atlases (yes, we have several…doesn’t everyone?), and we have a large map of the United States folded back so the Eastern half is visible.

We’re busily organizing the paperwork, the lists, the chores, which all need to be completed before we take off. Some have already been addressed, such as new tires for the truck. Others will be handled eventually, like restocking the trailer with all our favorite spices, and such sundry items as sunscreen lotion, lawn chairs, and aspirin.

We have a couple of generators that we need to be reeducated as to their care and performance. We need to go shopping for a few needed items.

But by and large, we’re basically set. Our new KOA card just came in, and our Good Sam is up to date.

I do need to finish up the genealogy paperwork so we can move on. I’ve finished all the Family Name Sheets, and am finally nearing completion of the State Sheets. I expect to have this done in a couple of days.

Then we can finally get to the task of dotting the maps of where we need to go. Once we’ve done that, we literally connect the dots following the roads, and we have our route!


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