Fletcher Family Genealogy

Fletcher Family Genealogy

My grandmother’s mother was Mary Lavina Fletcher, born 1881, Rule, Carroll County, Arkansas. She married George Scarborough in 1900, Arkansas.

Mary’s parents were Richard Jabez Fletcher and Frances (Fanny) Brawley. The Brawley line was covered in an earlier blog. Richard went by Richard or Jab or JB at different points in his life, making it that much more challenging to follow him. Richard was born in 1855, Coffee County, Tennessee, and married Fanny in 1880, Carroll County, Arkansas. He and Fanny have rough, handmade markers in the Rule Cemetery in Carroll County, Richard dying in 1921, and Fanny in 1922.

Richard’s parents were Reziah Fletcher and Lavinia Pinkston. Reziah was born in 1826, Warren County, Tennessee. I don’t know when or where they married. They both died in Coffee County, Lavinia in 1860, and Reziah in 1886, but I do not know where either of them were buried.

Reziah went by Rezi, as well, and at least a few other researchers are referring to him as John Reziah, though I have yet to see a single source indicating this as fact.

Reziah’s parents are most likely Elijah Fletcher and Lydia Jarvis, though evidence is so far proving elusive. Still, more and more data is published every day. Maybe I’ll learn more about the Fletcher family this summer.

Is this your line, too? If so, leave me a comment, and let’s compare notes!


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