Preparing for the Road, part I

Our road trip this year involves Travel Buddy, myself, and a 24′ Hi-Lo travel trailer. We’re a number of weeks away from departure, but as the days flow by, a number of preparations and decisions are being made and implemented as we go.

Our purpose for this trip is primarily genealogy. Along with the hours of research on the Internet, we also prefer to visit all sites in person. But we also enjoy visiting historical places, and stopping to visit friends and family whenever practical and possible. Thus, we will be visiting a great number of states this time: 28, in fact!

We are tentatively budgeting three months for the trip, which gives you a pretty good view of how fast we’ll be moving. We’ve been to all these states before, we’re just headed to different towns, and sometimes new counties we have not visited previously.

Prior to our departure many chores, paperwork, and miscellaneous crap must be completed. As the day gets close, we are becoming more and more excited! We generally take one big trip a year, but due to unavoidable circumstances, our travel plans had to be canceled. This makes us all the more ready for whatever adventures 2013 has planned for us on the road! No matter how much advance planning you do, with a road trip this size you really have to roll with the punches. Two years ago, we were in Kentucky, listening to the weather radio because of a tornado warning. That warning turned into an actual tornado watch for five counties in particular. Travel Buddy turned to me and asked if I knew those five counties. Sure, I said. Those are the five we were going to visit today! As so often happens, Man plans, God laughs. So we try to keep a sense of humor and our eyes on the goal…but smelling a few flowers along the way never hurt anything, either.


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