New Year Resolutions, 1st Quarter Update

As part of my newfound skills (or great luck) in meeting organizational goals for the year, I am posting a few entries throughout 2013 describing my progress in completing my New Year resolutions.

Here is the list I posted earlier, with a 1st quarter update (see? All kinds of organization happening!):

  • Taxes. [Yep, totally completed and filed long ago. Also went much smoother this year, which was a great bonus.]
  • Bicycling for exercise. [Umm…bought the bicycles…and even rode them. Once. We’ll get back to it.]
  • Reconnect on a regular blog schedule. [Totally behind on this one, but getting caught up all the time. Finding all sorts of crafty ways to catch up on posts, too.]
  • Go through clothes: donate/storage/keep. [Nope, not yet. But a box is ready to pack for storage when it happens.]
  • Renew genealogy focus. [THIS is the main reason I am behind on so many points. Most of my time has been devoted to this…which will directly pay off this summer.]
  • Get back to querying “101”. [Good grief, I am a long way away from getting back to this. Afraid it’s just not gonna happen until the fall. A whole re-prioritization will happen mid-year.]
  • Convert VHS tapes to DVD format. [I had hopes of starting this up again a couple of months ago. Still think it might happen before the summer.]
  • Map out route for road trip this summer. [Super close to this goal. A bit more paperwork needed, and then it’s on!]
  • Edit “$$” and prepare query. [I don’t see this happening before the fall, now, but we’ll see.]
  • Clear 2nd storage unit. [It’s still April…and most of the ducks are in a row. This could definitely happen.]
  • Reorganize garage. [Again, still April. All that’s really needed is for the storage to be completed, and we can tackle the garage. One to two days, max. Not full days, either.]
  • Application for organization. [Unless we suddenly have scads of free time in May (and that could happen) this will have to wait until fall, as well.]
  • Return to edit and work on “Blank”. [LOL. Seriously? What was I thinking? With two other writing projects ahead of this one, I’m thinking early 2014 at the earliest.]
  • Organize pictures into albums (all boxes). [Probably will start this on schedule.]
  • Hang plates, or store. [No doubt.]

Over all, I’m actually pleased with the progress. Some things haven’t happened yet, but others have, and I’ll take the successes where I find them, thank you.

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