Doyle Family Genealogy

Doyle Family Genealogy

These lines belong to a friend of mine. If you can link to either of these lines, or have a thought about the information found herein, leave a comment and I’ll get you in touch with Jane.

This line has been a brick wall for some time. It is only recently that we have been able to push back far enough to glean the little bits of inforamtion we have. But, like all brick walls, even if you manage a crack, your heart begins to swell with hope that THIS time, the wall will tumble.

The brick wall began with Sarah Caleb Doyle. From family evidence, it is clear that she was born in 1805 in Kentucky. We know she married Abner Moses Wilson in 1832, Clark County, Kentucky. We know they moved to Honey Grove, Texas sometime between 1850, when they were on the Kentucky census, and 1858, when Abner died. That was pretty much the extent of the Doyle knowledge on our end.

Then I had the opportunity to look at an 1810 U.S. Federal Census Index. It took time, but I methodically went through and wrote down every Doyle household where there was a female under the age of ten. There weren’t many, but I noted each head of household, the county, and the age bracket of the head. Welcome to the difficult, tedious times (before Anyway, I put away my list and forgot about it.

Years later (not even kidding) I was rereading a book about the Wilson branch (which Sarah Caleb Doyle had married into) and it stated that the Wilson family was from Shelbyville, Kentucky. But the Wilsons I was researching weren’t from there, they were just passing through one generation. So I started thinking: maybe the DOYLES were from there! Going back to my list, there was in fact, one household from Shelby County, Kentucky: Farmer Doyle’s. After enjoying the unusual, but no doubt appropo name, I thought to check subsequent censuses, and found Farmer in Shelby County in 1810 and 1820, but there it stopped. When I visited Shelby County in 2011, I found the marriage of Farmer Doyle to Rebecca Cole (daughter of David) in 1799, but nothing further.

Where I am now: the family trees at (a motley bunch, tough to trust without hard data) state that Farmer Doyle is the son of Samuel Doyle and Martha Farmer (aha, the Farmer angle!), and that Farmer himself was born in Rowan County, North Carolina, in about 1778. As I am planning to visit Rowan County this summer, I am hoping to find out more regarding the elusive Farmer Doyle.


4 thoughts on “Doyle Family Genealogy

  1. I came across these comments while searching for information on Samuel Doyle Sr. It’s unusual for me because I am a Doyle, from Samuel Sr and Martha Farmer, Samuel Jr. and Mahala Lovelace, then Thomas and Mary Coates, John Doyle and Martha Miller, James Franklin Doyle and Dora Short and Finice Doyle. Oddly, on my mother’s side, my 4x great grandfather went through the Cumberland Gap with Daniel Boone and helped build Boonesboro. His name was Moses Wilson. I am just starting to trace back before Moses Wilson.

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing! Our family lines are running interesting parallels. We probably do connect much farther down the line. You haven’t done an test, have you? Still trying to find more cousins…!

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