Texas Bluebonnets 2013

The search for bluebonnets in the Hill Country of Texas is one of those events that is compulsory every spring. Even if you do not take a special road trip to see the wildflowers in bloom, you still must search them out wherever you may find them: in a neighbor’s yard; in the median strip of the highway; or under the trees along a quiet road.

Last year, we had a wonderful turnout, and thoroughly enjoyed the fields we saw throughout our county and surrounding areas.

This year, we were concerned about the bluebonnet population due to the ongoing drought. We had had a smattering of rain since January, and lately we have had a few days of good rain. But last weekend, we were still somewhat worried about what we might or might not find. Still, we decided to drive to Marble Falls and back, to a) look for bluebonnets, and b) enjoy some Bluebonnet Cafe pie!

Three of us headed out on our third annual spring sojourn on Saturday. We didn’t see as many bluebonnets as we might have, but we did see some, and those patches we found were as pretty as ever. None of the wide open fields we remembered from last year were in bloom, most likely due to the lack of rain. Anyway, the pie was outstanding!

Ironically, Easter Sunday found several families snapping photos of each other, the kids, the grandparents, anyone around in a bright patch of bluebonnets that had bloomed within a field that has been designated a future dog park. Guess we’d better enjoy ’em while we can, y’all!


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