The Year of Organization

Some years are all about completing the tasks and getting everything done.

Some years are all about the failure to complete the above, but include the supreme challenge that goes along with that. Sort of like trying your level best to drive across town within a reasonable length of time, but managing to hit every red light in succession, anyway.

But some years just sort of magically flow…almost everything happens when it is supposed to…normally challenging tasks aren’t, well, challenging…things just happen. Kind of like making that same trip across town, only now you’re hitting all green lights.

2013 has turned out to be a banner year for the completion of tasks, which is fantastic, since 2012 was unusually, shall we say, stifling in this regard. Although I have failed somewhat spectacularly in my completion of my new year resolutions ( a subject for a future posting) I have been really impressed at how well the organization has taken off.

For example, with all the genealogy research I do, you would expect that I would have papers and information everywhere. And I do! You might also expect the notes, notebooks, and other writing paraphernalia for my four writing projects to be all over the place. And they are! Having a brief view of my normal state of organization (read: multiple piles in varying stages of collapse) may help in appreciating what I have accomplished thus far. ALL genealogy paperwork is first typed into the computer programs, then either tossed or placed into the corresponding family or geographic file. Each family being researched has a file. Each geographic piece of information has a file. So if I have an article discussing research in Tennessee, into the Tennessee file it goes. But if I have no paperwork whatsoever on Arkansas, then there is no Arkansas file. I have a couple of other files labeled Quakers and Huguenots, respectively, that I store behind the state files, so I can retrieve them easily. All ongoing writing projects have their own pouch or binder for each individual project, and all notes, etc. relating to that project are included. All ongoing genealogy research in one binder. When I have a day I am going to work on genealogy, offline or on, I pull out the binder, and I’m ready to go!

I am amazed at what I have been able to accomplish, between organizing and filing just in the first few months of the year! This makes my whole outlook and research process easier…and therefore less stressful. And we can all get behind the push for less stress, right?!


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