Fisher Family Genealogy

Fisher Family Genealogy

My Fisher family line is quite short, and begins long, long ago. But I will post it anyway, in the hopes that someone can connect.

The first Fisher closest to me is Patience Fisher, born 1761, in Walpole, Massachusetts. You know you’re dealing with ancient history when your first relative of the line was born before the Revolutionary War!

Patience married Elijah Jones in 1781, Wrentham, Massachusetts, and died in 1836, Minot, Androscoggin County, Maine.

Patience’s parents were Isaac Fisher and Hepsibah Adams. Isaac was born in 1732, Wrentham, Massachusetts, and Hepsibah was born in 1738, Wrentham, Massachusetts. They married in 1755, Wrentham, Massachusetts. Isaac died in 1808, Wrentham, Massachusetts. Hepsibah (gotta love these great names!) died in 1830, but I don’t know where.

Isaac’s parents were Isaac Fisher and Esther Mann. Isaac was born in 1694, Dedham, Massachusetts, and Esther was born in 1696, Wrentham, Massachusetts. They married in 1719, Wrentham, and died in Wrentham, Isaac in 1770, Esther in 1778.

I am hopeful that I may find out more about these folks when I head to Massachusetts this summer. Just to stand in the town where they lived and breathed will be exciting enough, but local historical/genealogical items may be available, too.

Which would be super cool.

Elijah Jones and Isaac Fisher, Jr. were both patriots recognized by the Daughters of the American Revolution, which may mean some information relating to them and/or their families can still be found. While doing research on the site, I discovered that Patience applied for Elijah’s Revolutionary War pension, as his surviving widow, but she ran into a snag. Apparently, her first application was denied. Which means a heap more evidence was required before the government would approve the pension. Lucky for me, this was quite a process, which means not only did Patience receive her due pension, but generations later, I got to read all the surviving data on Elijah Jones, where he served, with whom he served, etc.

But there was an unexpected bonus. Accompanying the second application was a rather sarcastic letter written in protest of harassing this widow any further, and in the hopes this application would be accepted (it was). Maybe only history geeks would notice this, but I noticed the signature was “H. Hamlin.” And remembered that the application was filed in Maine. And recalled that one Hannibal Hamlin was once a senator in Maine. You remember Hannibal…Abraham Lincoln’s first term vice-president? Yep, that’s the one. And yes, it was in fact the very same Senator Hamlin. With a signature on MY ancestor’s application.

How cool is THAT?!


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