Robbed in Spain, part III

Continued from the previous post: Robbed in Spain, part II.

Due to our tardy departure, we ended up meeting our neighbors in the camp site next to us, who we surely would have missed had we left on time. These neighbors were a couple from Illinois, traveling with their granddaughter in much the same loop we were traveling, only while we were driving clockwise, they were going in the opposite direction. This is significant because they were able to tell us of an incredible opportunity: about a half day’s drive in the direction we were going was a campground. A campground we absolutely would not have seen, because our intentions were to get up early that morning, pack up, and drive to Sevilla. Instead, they told us to drive the short distance to Tarifa, a town also on the coast. Tarifa is well-known for being one of the world’s best places to windsurf. While we were there, we did see a great deal of windsurfing by surfers from all over the world. This was cool. But even better was the geographic location.

Because Tarifa juts out a bit from the southern mainland of Spain, we were directly across the water from Morocco. As in within eyesight of Tangiers. Our new-found Illinoisan friends also informed us that for $40 apiece, we could take the ferry from the terminal next to the campground, join a tour of Tangiers, and take the ferry back, all in one day.

We did this…and had one of the best experiences of our entire trip.

  • the short sail across the beautiful blue Mediterranean.
  • the leisurely stroll through the Casbah, seeing the pottery, the Waterman (who sold water from his goat-stomach bag — we declined), and yards and yards and yards of stunning, gorgeous rugs that the shop proprietors begged us to walk on, as our shoes would crush the fibers and age the rugs that much faster.
  • the walk through the older section where we saw an honest-to-God snake charmer!
  • the lunch at the Moroccan restaurant, where we had a great meal, serenaded by a group of musicians who played straight through without breaks and belly dancers.
  • a hop on a camel
  • pictures with Haji, our local Moroccan guide

It was a whirlwind day, but one we will never forget. Most sobering is the thought that if we had NOT been robbed…we would have missed out on the experience of a lifetime. Oh, did I mention this trip was just the western countries of Europe? We weren’t even going into Eastern Europe, let alone Africa! A true treasure, obtained under the strangest of circumstances.

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