Robbed in Spain, part II

Continued from the previous post: Robbed in Spain, part I.

We were told in retrospect that we had been hit by “good” thieves, so termed because they did not take more than they would have reasonably wanted, they did not do more damage than they needed to, and most importantly, once the car key was in their possession, they neither took it with them, nor stole the car itself, wrecking it as they left.

But at the moment, all we could do was numbly stare at the piles of our belongings they had ransacked, and then dumped on the ground next to the car.

Finally, we started looking to see what they had taken, and the results were both scary and comical. They had removed my suitcase (contents: clothing only); Travel Buddy’s travel backpack, holding mostly toiletries; Travel Buddy’s travel pouch holding passport, ATM card, and driver’s license; a pamphlet translating simple phrases from English to Italian and back again; and, our corkscrew.

On casually checking around our site, Travel Buddy spotted the travel pouch, which mysteriously, yet thankfully, still had the passport. I ventured on the other side of the hedge from our tent site, and discovered that while there was a fence with a padlocked gate on that side, the gate had been pulled open wide enough for a person to squeeze through. Squeezing through the opening myself, I immediately found my suitcase. Nothing was taken. Seeing my success, Travel Buddy duplicated my efforts and found the travel backpack some distance away on the other side of the fence. We called the bank and stopped the ATM card, and as we were both carrying International driver’s licenses, the US one wasn’t needed until our return home. But sadly, our corkscrew was never found. Sigh.

Anyway, the best part was yet to come. Our original plan had been to wake up early and take off as soon as the front gate was unlocked. Instead, we were there much longer than intended due to us posting a police report with the local authorities.

Robbed in Spain, part III continues in the next post.


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