Dibrell/Brawner Family Genealogy

Dibrell/Brawner Family Genealogy

These lines belong to a friend of mine. If you can link to either of these lines, or have a thought about the information found herein, leave a comment and I’ll get you in touch with Jane.

Jane’s grandmother is Margaret Blake Dibrell, born in Cuero, Texas, in 1884. She married Thomas Lee Guthrie in Coleman, Texas, in 1913, after working as a schoolteacher in that county. She died in 1949, and is buried in Brownwood, Texas.

Margaret Blake’s parents were James Brazil Dibrell, born 1854 in Somerset, Kentucky, and Mary Snodgrass. They married in 1877 in Sparta, White County, Tennessee. James was a circuit-riding Methodist minister. Mary later served as a postmistress in Seguin, Texas, and much later in life received training as a chiropractor in Coleman County, Texas. James died in 1890 and is buried in Seguin. Mary is buried in Brownwood.

James Brazil’s parents were Joseph Burton Dibrell, born 1818 in Wayne County, Kentucky, and Margaret Brawner, born 1820 in Blount County, Tennessee. They married in 1839 in Whitley County, Kentucky. Joseph served as postmaster in Kentucky, and died in Seguin, Texas in 1883. Both Joseph and Margaret are buried in Seguin.

Margaret Brawner’s parents were Bazil Brawner and Nancy Campbell. Both were from Elbert County, Georgia. Bazil served as a medical doctor in the Mexican War, and is buried in the same grave as many US soldiers outside of Mexico City. I do not know where Nancy is buried.

Joseph Burton’s parents were John Lee Dibrell and Ellender Cocke. John was born in 1777, Virginia, and married Ellender in 1805, Wayne County, Kentucky. John died in 1858, Whitley County, Kentucky. Ellender is buried in Wayne County. I have been unable to locate John’s grave.

John Lee’s parents were Charles Lee Dibrell and Martha Burton. Charles was born in 1757, Virginia, and married Martha in 1776, Virginia. Charles served in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, and died in Obion County, Tennessee. He is buried on a hillside on the outskirts of Union City, a town that will likely encompass the area in a few short years. Martha reportedly died in Silver Creek, Madison County, Kentucky, and I did visit that graveyard and search for her. There are many grave markers of the right time period in that cemetery, but unfortunately, hers was not among them, that I could determine at that time.

Charles Lee’s parents were Anthony Dibrell and Elizabeth Lee. Anthony was born Jean Antoine in 1728, Manakin Town, Virginia. Manakin Town is a community originally founded by French-speaking Huguenot settlers from France and Switzerland. Though not much of the settlement is left, a Huguenot Historical Society exists in the area, with much information on these many families and their unique contribution to Virginian history. Anthony married Elizabeth Lee in 1756 in Buckingham County, Virginia. Anthony died in Buckingham County in 1799. I do not know where Anthony or Elizabeth are buried.

Jean Antoine (Anthony)’s parents were Christoffe du Breuil, born 1680 in Lagny, France, and Marianne Dutoi, born in Manakin Town. They married in 1727, and Christoffe died before Jean Antoine was born. Marianne’s parents were from Switzerland.

All the Dibrells in America are descended from this family (through Anthony Dibrell) and can trace their heritage back to France and Switzerland through this line.

If you are connected in some way, let me know, and I’ll connect you with Jane, also a member of the Dibrell family.


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