DeWolf Family Genealogy

DeWolf Family Genealogy

My DeWolf line starts with Anna Elizabeth DeWolf, born 1836, Erie County, Pennsylvania. She married William Gilliland in 1859, in Boone County, Illinois. She died in 1912, and is buried in a cornfield with William in Curtis, Nebraska.

Anna’s parents were Putnam DeWolf, born 1803, Washington County, New York, and Anna S. Randall, born 1802, Erie County, Pennsylvania. They were married in 1831, Erie County, Pennsylvania, by a circuit-riding Methodist minister. Anna S. died in 1872, and Putnam in 1877. Both are buried in Boone County, Illinois. I know Putnam served as a constable in the area, and also as a blacksmith for a few months in the Civil War.

Anna Randall’s origins are murky. Some indications are that her parents could be Stephen Randall and Cynthia Wells, but as most accounts have Stephen passing in 1801, most are against this parentage, despite Anna possibly being born posthumously. I was in favor of the Stephen/Cynthia prospect, until I looked closer at Putnam and Anna’s marriage date: 1831. At 29, Anna was either a very old maid…or she had been married before. A new theory, therefore, is that she married one of the Randall sons of Stephen and Cynthia first, then Putnam later. Something to work with, anyway. Actually, though, any Randall son might have been a spousal possibility.

Putnam’s parents were Putnam DeWolf, born 1774, possibly in Granby, Connecticut, and Hepsibah Gates, born 1784, Rutland County, Vermont. They married in Rutland County, Vermont in 1800. I cannot figure out what happened to them, but the best guess at this stage is that Putnam, Sr. died after 1850 in Schuyler County, New York, and that Hepsibah died about 1869, location unknown. I would love to know more about these two, but I am sure information must be very limited. If I can find out for sure where and when they died, that may bring me closer to the answers I am looking for.

I am planning on stopping in Boone County on my way through this summer, which apparently has a fantastic genealogical society that I am looking forward to checking out. I would like to find out more about my DeWolfs in this specific geographic area, but also a couple of other family lines, as well.

New York and Vermont are in the plans, too, in the hopes that local research will provide more data than I am finding online.

If this is your line, shoot me a comment, and let’s compare notes!


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