Dashiell Family Genealogy

Dashiell Family Genealogy

My Dashiell family runs through my paternal grandmother’s side. My grandma’s grandmother was Louisa Dashiell, who was born in Nashville in 1849. She married John Oscar Scarborough in Davidson County, Tennessee, in 1871. I do not know the location of either one of their graves, but Louisa is supposed to have died in 1883, and John Oscar in 1937.

Louisa’s parents were John Snyder Dashiell and Barbara Shaw Graham. Barbara was born in Scotland in 1816, and came to the US with her siblings. She and John were married in Davidson County, Tennessee in 1830. John was born in Baltimore, Maryland, (1807) and was evidently a prominent citizen in Nashville: steamboat captain, grand master of Freemasonry, mayor, etc. He is buried in Nashville (died 1887). I am hoping to locate he and Barbara (died 1856), as well as Louisa and John Oscar, this summer when we are in the Nashville area. More information on either would be most welcome.

John Snyder’s father was Levin Dashiell, born 1767 in Maryland, died at sea in 1807.

I wish I knew more specifics. For example, Levin was a sea captain, and John Snyder was a steamboat captain. Was sailing more or less a family skill, then? John Snyder was born the year his father died, so he didn’t learn the skills from Papa. Was it coincidental that he went into the same field of work?

I am working on establishing a connection between Levin and his parents. A couple of sources indicate his father is James Dashiell, but I don’t feel the sources are strong enough, so the search continues.

If this is your line, drop me a comment and let’s compare notes!


6 thoughts on “Dashiell Family Genealogy

  1. Im also working on my family genealogy. My family is also from the Tennessee. I have birth certificates, marriage certificates, census records, military records and such from as far back as the early 1800s. It is very interesting stuff.

    1. I have family from many different counties in Tennessee: Obion, Rutherford, White, Davidson, Stewart, Warren, Grundy, Claiborne, Hancock, Blount, and Madison, to name most. What counties in Tennessee are your family from? Thanks for commenting!

      1. Davidson county, Chatham county, Rutherford county. Family names include Boone, Williams, Tenpenny, Odonnell, Bryant, and Sypert.

  2. Captain John Snyder Dashiell is my 2nd cousin 4x removed, his father comes from a relative long line of sea faring men
    , Either sailing or building ships. To trace his line back is as follows: Capt . Dashiell married Elizabeth Snyder 07 July 1801 – His father was Thomas Dashiell b. abt 1726 d. May 1778, he married Jane Rencher 29 Oct 1747 in Wicomico, Maryland and had 11 children Levin’s brother Captain Henry Dashiell was also a mariner. Thomas’s father was Henry Dashiell b.23 March 1702 in Somerset Parish, Somerset County, Maryland d.1755 in Somerset, Maryland, he m. Jane Unknown (Dashiell) in1725 at Nansemond, Virginia and had 7 children. His father was Thomas Dashiell Sr.
    b. 23 April 1666 in Wicomico Hundred, Somerset, Maryland, d. 17 March 1755 in Great Monie, Somerset, Maryland. He was a planter. He m. Elizabeth Mitchell in1686 at Somerset County, Maryland and had 13 children. One of his sons, Captain Charles Dashiell, ny 5th great grand uncle, was also a mariner.
    Thomas’s father was James Dashiell “The immigrant of Maryland” my 7th ggf
    who married Ann Cannon.

    The Winder’s and Handy’s married into the family and they had many sea faring men in thier line.

    Hope this is helpful

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