A Treatise On Not Writing

Here’s the thing about not writing. I have to write about not writing, even if it’s not what I originally planned.

This whole blog-writing thing has been awesome, because once I’m on a schedule I like to stick with it. I feel guilt if I haven’t been writing for awhile, and that’s a good thing.

I’ve been posting every four days since May 5th (sometimes more or less, but it all averages out to one every four days) and this has been the best thing for me because even though it is a self-imposed deadline, it is a deadline I have honored for 7 months and counting, thus forcing me (and at the same time, allowing me) to write, even at the most adverse times and under the most difficult of schedules.

In fact, this is the most consistent writing I have ever done in my life, barring schoolwork in either high school or college.

But even as I am able to continue with the blog posts, I am not able to keep up with the editing and further writing I would like to be doing with my already-scheduled works. Things will swing around again in January, but for now, all the lovely updates I planned to write about concerning my various writing projects are non-existent.

It’s okay. Even writing about not writing works out in the end.

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