How the Holidays Ate My Writing Project

I started out this fall (late September/early October) with really great intentions. I had a schedule for the week that I was following pretty closely, with a few adjustments here and there. I have to say that October was sailing along so well, I began to feel somewhat complacent. So much so, that I was nearly bowled over with the realization that first visitors, and then the holidays, were going to play some serious havoc with my neat little calendar.

I mean I wasn’t completely taken off guard…I knew that with the arrival of friends and family I would need to do some serious adjusting. So, even though I realized I would not be able to keep my normal writing agenda, I was able to write enough blog entries ahead of time to take the worry off.

But I was completely unprepared for how all-consuming the holidays would be. First, there was Halloween. Okay, minimum prep work needed there, and the night was over in a flash. Then, Thanksgiving. When did Thanksgiving become more of a week-long celebration with visits with and from friends in the days leading up to and away from the actual Turkey Day?? I know Thanksgiving was early this year (the earliest it could be, actually) but it still felt like we had Thanksgiving Week, and blinked a couple of times, and ta-da! It’s Christmas! Wait, wait. It’s Christmas?! It isn’t even December! True, but we are hitting the season with a vengeance even earlier this year. Really, not just in the stores (which started selling Christmas stuff before Halloween) but in your neighborhood! Folks are already decorating! Seriously! Go look, I’ll wait. See? Crazy, right?

I don’t know what it’s like in your household with the holidays you celebrate, but we go all out at Christmastime. It takes us over a week just to decorate, let alone entertain folks who come by. This means no editing, composing, drafting whatsoever, which makes me just as excited for boring January to get here, where it’s too cold to do anything, no one is coming to visit, no holidays need to be prepped, and I can finally…once again…write!

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