Dalton Family Genealogy

Dalton Family Geneaology

The Dalton family line is one I have just recently spent time piecing together. It seems as though every Dalton family member has been told at one time or another they are related to the Dalton Gang. Although I suppose eventually all Daltons probably link up in one way or another, there are many, many more Daltons NOT directly related to those hapless bank thieves than actually are directly connected.

My line descends from Francis Dalton, who was born in 1827 in Northern Ireland. I don’t know where he was from specifically, and I don’t know anything regarding his parentage, but I do know he married Rodantha Beach (born 1836, Wayne County, Indiana) in 1853, Macon County, Illinois. Rodantha (or Rhoda) died in Bible Grove, Scotland County, Missouri in 1881. I assume she is buried there. Francis (or Frank) died in Castleton, Reno County, Kansas in 1885.

Frank and Rodantha had a number of children, including my ancestor, John C. Dalton. John was born 1857 in Knox County, Missouri, and married Mary Phillips in 1871. I don’t know where they married. Mary and John both died in Kansas City, Missouri, Mary in 1928 and John in 1936.

John and Mary’s daughter, Nancy Amanda Dalton, my great-grandmother, was born in Scotland County, Missouri in 1879.

I am looking forward to traveling this summer to both Kansas and Missouri, where I hope to find more information on the Dalton and Phillips families…and also to Illinois and Indiana, where the Dalton and Beach families lived.

Someday I may even make it back to Northern Ireland to do some family research, but I am not too hopeful on that score…there are a tremendous amount of Irish Daltons! But with a little patience and a lot of stubbornness, maybe I’ll find Francis’s parents, yet!

If you are related to this Dalton line, leave a comment, and let’s compare notes.


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