My YA Writing Project

I don’t have a working title for this work yet, so will refer to it as my “YA” project for now, as it will definitely be in the Young Adult category.

This work will ultimately be two separate books, dealing with two different generations within the same family, the timeline running from about 1830 to about 1880.
I had no idea how little I knew about this time period of American History…until I started asking questions of myself as I developed the outline. It struck me rather quickly that I am attempting to create a lesson plan of sorts with the outlines, and then will proceed with the subsequent lecture through my writing. I am hoping the finished product is much more interesting than a couple of lectures might be, though!

This is all well and good, but I am going to have to do much, much more research before I can adequately cover the story I want. Also, I have so much work to do on my other three writing projects, that I will have the least amount of time available for this one. This feels right, though, because the other three are all non-fiction, while this is historical fiction. So I was sort of planning on working on this project when I needed a more creative outlet. I haven’t spent nearly enough time on the other projects lately to get to such a point! Between visitors and other events, November, known to many writers as National Novel Writing Month, has sadly for me become the month in which I am likely to do the least amount of writing thus far. Bummer.

I have, however, spent enough time with the outlines to determine that not only will I end up with two separate works, but also that they will probably be best served as a collection of short stories, versus full-length novels. I may change my mind at some future point, but that’s where it stands today!


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