Lost in Translation

My Translation Project

Translation writing projects are tough! Particularly when the language you are translating  is not one you are even remotely familiar with. I am finding it slow-going and easily the most frustrating writing project I’ve ever undertaken. But I am also discovering the work to be full of worthwhile information, and surprisingly, much more revealing about the folks who wrote the materials than I had expected.

Besides the language barriers, I am also at times feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material I am working with. If I translate one piece a month, it would take me over four years to complete it all. (I am basing this time frame on how long it has taken me to fully work out a single piece, which is about two weeks. I am stating a month per piece because I am not willing to devote all my writing time solely to this project…I have my own writing to continue, as well!)

So, it is true that 4 years is a long period of time. But after I finished my first book, I did nothing with it for 5 years. I had my second book well organized and mostly outlined, but then didn’t begin the actual writing for nearly 5 years. I am reminded of that story where one guy says “If I do this, I’ll be (x) years old when I finish.” So the other guy asks “And how old will you be if you don’t do it?” Point taken.

The time period of the material, particularly intriguing to me, is mostly during World War II. This is a time period that I really am not that familiar with, as nearly everything I know about WWII deals with high-profile battles, prisoners and camps, and a teeny bit regarding rationing. This material refers to real people in real time scenarios…the issues they dealt with, the things that were important to them, and the little things that made all the difference.

I’m looking forward to continuing my history lesson, finishing my crash language courses, and ultimately sharing my findings with anyone interested!


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