Cave Family Genealogy

This family name seems to have been either Cave or Caves at any given point.

My great-grandmother’s grandmother was Nancy Jane Cave. She was born in Indiana in 1834, and married John Damewood (1829-1915) in Indiana, 1854. Her parents were John Cave (1808-1858) and Sarah Jane Kearby (1814-1891). John Cave and Sarah Kearby were married in Indiana, and both died in Indiana.

John Cave was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, to Thomas Cave (1773-1851) and Elizabeth Medford (1785-1826). Thomas was born in Virginia, Elizabeth in North Carolina. Elizabeth’s father, James Medford, is a DAR Patriot. Both Thomas and Elizabeth died in Indiana.

A few years after Nancy and John married, they moved from Indiana to Kansas. Then later yet, they moved to Oregon (I’ll cover this in more detail under The Damewood Family). They are buried in Silk Creek, in the Silk Creek cemetery, located just outside of Cottage Grove, Oregon. I have been to this small, but well-cared for cemetery, but have not been successful in finding any other burial sites for the Cave Family in Indiana or South Carolina.

Family notes state that Nancy’s brother, Thomas Cave, came to visit her more than once all the way from Indiana. I don’t know how he traveled, but considering the time frame, I think it is reasonable to think he came by rail.

Apart from that, I don’t know much about the Cave Family. I know I’m lucky to have the precious little data I do have, but I wish I knew more. Of course, there’s a good chance of that, as more and more information becomes available to us all online. There’s an excellent possibility that Thomas Cave, John Cave’s father, served in the War of 1812, and I hope to be able to fully document that before long!

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