“$$” – the Editing Game

My “How-To” book on making money has reached the completion stage…as of July 31st.

For those of you keeping score at home, that means 3 months ago.
But editing only began about mid-way through September.
Why the delay?
The strongest reason is that I was afraid to begin the process.

I finished my first book in 2007, and hadn’t done a thing with it, except editing and then failing majestically at finding beta readers who would not only read it, but also provide feedback.
So I definitely dragged my heels on Book #2, knowing that I was about to have TWO completely written, fully edited, just sitting there, projects.
But once I got into the swing of things and was busily writing queries for Book #1, that allowed me to start editing the second.

I am managing one chapter a week, and as it’s not a huge book, this won’t be a terribly long process.
Of course, the major difference between this book and my last one is that the first book was telling a story.
This one is explaining a process.
So, I not only need to make sure all the chapters match up in terms of readability…I also have to know the directions are easily followed!
Also, as I am editing the chapters already written, I am thinking of other helpful chapters to add into the mix, meaning the whole process takes longer.

Beta readers are going to be very important for this work.

That’s okay with me! I’m not on any kind of deadline (after all, I took 5 years with the first one!) and I want it to be right.
But I am curious to see how long it will take me to fully edit this book.

Update in a few weeks!

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