Burleson Family Genealogy I

The Burleson Family

If you live in Texas, this is a family you’ve heard of.
I wish it was mine, but this family belongs to my Travel Buddy.
Still, I am including it in my genealogy series because I do the on-line genealogy research for both of us, and there are some darn good stories on both sides!

The Burlesons were originally from Anson County, North Carolina, but moved to Rutherford County, Tennessee.
Then future generations moved to Texas.

Great-grandmother was Mary Burleson (1843-1910), born in Marion County, Alabama, who married Captain William Whitehead (1835-1916), in Denton, Texas.
Her parents were Bennett Musgrove Burleson (1811-1863) and Mathilda Lowery (1813-1856), both born in Rutherford County, Tennessee, and both died in Denton County, Texas.
Bennett’s parents were Moses Burleson (1777-1836) and Edy Hobson (1779-1838). They were both born in North Carolina, and both died in Marion County, Alabama.
Moses’s parents were David Burleson (1755-1832) and Ursula Weatherford (abt. 1758-1835). They were both born in Lunenburg, Virginia, and both died at their home site in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

The old Burleson Cabin still exists in Rutherford County, Tennessee, though no sane person would attempt to enter it.
Land along the parcel holding the cabin was sold in the 1960’s, and houses along that side of the road were built and sold quickly.
Land on the opposite side of the parcel was built on in the 1990’s.

In a weird twist of fate, the land with the cabin itself is still owned by a couple of Burleson family members, who apparently live in New York.
I say weird, because clearly progress would have ordinarily dictated that the cabin be taken down and the land cleared for new houses to be built decades ago.
But instead, we have an anomaly: the cabin from the 1800s still stands…and no one will enter it.

It is clearly falling down…a true death-trap.
The roof has caved in.
The area surrounding has become so overgrown (Nature reclaiming what’s hers) that no one from the neighboring areas would dare venture in.

They only have “heard” of a cabin. None there has ever seen it.
Ticks abound, for one thing,  and spiders, and possibly snakes and other small creatures.
It is exactly like walking into a heavily forested area…which is what it has become.

We didn’t see the cabin until we were almost upon it.
After some time heading in the other direction, we found an old blacksmith’s shop.
Some of the tools were still there.

We also found the almost-overgrown grave markers.
David Burleson was there, and clearly marked as a DAR patriot.
Isaac Burlison was buried nearby, and evidently a War of 1812 veteran, from the markings.
Ursula must be buried nearby, but her grave has been lost.
We suspect all the folks who knew where she was buried are long gone.

What will happen to this property? I doubt  the New Yorkers will remove themselves to Tennessee, and if they did?
The whole place needs to be cleaned up and restored and put back the way it was, but without proper regular maintenance, how long would it be before it was all overgrown, again?
It is sad to see things that used to be, and to imagine them as they once were.
This was someone’s home and farm, once.
But sooner than later it will all be gone, and the people who live in the newly constructed houses will never know what used to be.

And maybe that’s all for the best.

If you are related to this line, shoot me a comment, and I’ll connect you with Travel Buddy, a Burleson relation!

18 thoughts on “Burleson Family Genealogy I

  1. Hi, I am related to this line and searching for information on Ursula Weatherford Burleson and David Burleson. Their son Hilkiah Burleson is my 3rd Great Grandfather, which makes Ursula and David my 4th Great Grandmother and Grandfather. If you could connect me with the Burleson relations, that would be wonderful. I am on facebook also. Thank you….

  2. Ursula Weatherford and David Weatherford are my 4th Great Grandmother and Grandfather through Hilkiah (my 3rd Great Grandfather). I would like to connect with this Burleson relation. Please leave a comment. Thank you…

  3. I am not a relative, but live on adjacent property. I walk through the woods daily with my dog. I have found parts of old farm equipment and an old building. I havent found the house or graveyard. I became curious about the people who lived here and started researching them.

    1. If you are facing the small shed (no walls) that holds the equipment parts, the house (or the ruins thereof) is to your right. I suppose the building could have completely fallen down by this time…when we were there it was in such a sad state we didn’t dare go in. Still facing the small shed, the grave markers would be to your left. All of this was hugely overgrown when we visited. Is it still a massive jungle? Watch out for ticks!

    2. Teri Maynard, I am related to the Burleson’s. I have tried an email that was given to me, but it was not the people that own the property like I thought. If you find out any further information I would appreciate it if you would let me know. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to come that way and check out the property also. Thank you…Sarah

  4. Hello All! I am related to them through their son William. They are my 5th Greats. As I had known my Great Grandmother Maggie until she died in 1994, her father was H.K. married to Mary (Mollie) E. Morris, I now can see the features (high cheekbones, dark hair, olive skin) that I didn’t as a child in pictures. She said her father died when she was a baby and that they never talked about her father’s family history growing up. I understand that her mother married a man , after her father died, who had fought with Gen. Hood and that they had land in Kettle Mills. I am my family historian and am trying to fill in the many blanks. I believe that her mother’s mother may have been Susan Lavinder (still trying to verify that). I have been able to verify my great-grandfather’s mother’s family ( her husband-I knew him too) back to at least 1066 and the Norman Conquest (yeah landowners), and would appreciate any help that can be given in my quest. Thank you in advance! Hello cousins! 🙂 V

  5. David F. Burleson is my 4th great grandfather,making Halkaih my 3rd great grandfather.through his daughter Jane G. Burleson Mays (b.1818 d.1854 in Marion Co. Alabama.you can contact me at nanacajo@hotmail.com. : )

  6. David Franklin Burleson , my maternal GGGG grandfather,father of William(GGG grandfather).William,father of John J.Burleson(GG grandfather).John J. father of Sidney(G grandfather).Sidney,father of John Solomon”Sol”(grandfather), father of my mother Alma Burleson.Love to get in contact of relatives. Thanks Paul Green

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