Private 101 – to publish traditionally or self-publish?

Private 101

I love the idea of traditional publishing…searching for an agent..finding that match…searching together for the right publisher…getting to hold a copy of your beloved book-child in the palm of your hand.

But I greatly fear that this scenario is not the one for me…at least, not with THIS book.

You see, I have written a story…a story that I think needs to be told…a story that describes a particular time of my life that was exactly 8 weeks long…a story that others could relate to, and enjoy, even without having had the same experience…a story of humor, and strength, and struggle, and anguish, but of eventual success.

But this story, written with as much detail as I could muster, yet devoid of fluff and extemporaneous wordage, taps out at 17k words. No, I can’t add more. It would ruin the effect. It’s actually very well done, if I and my beta readers do say so ourselves.

But it is undeniably just not going to find a place in traditional publishing.

So what am I to do?

I am afraid that although traditional publishing is my first choice, I am going to have to forgo that idea if I am to ever get it out to folks, and instead look into the annoyingly futuristic-feeling self-publishing.

I’m not giving up easily…in fact, my current game plan is to contact 50 agents who indicate that True Narrative is their interest and query them. I know the odds are strong against receiving any reply at all (though at the time of this writing I have already received four rejections. So there.), so for every rejection/reply I receive, I will send out one more query.

But at the end of this experiment (I am forced to consider it as such, since I am feeling in my heart this book may not be publishable under the current requirements and perceived traditional market) I am planning to research more about e-publishing.

I will keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Private 101 – to publish traditionally or self-publish?

  1. Try contacting Karen Risch Mott (Cabrillo grad. my first yr, with Fore & Aft). She’s involved with publishing and lit., albeit children’s work, I believe. Jane will remember her (I think). She’s on my Facebook page. Brenda

  2. With today’s reading culture, you *might* have to start with eBook or other online/digital publishing, already available and low-cost with sites like Amazon. ( for the U.K. version.) The physical print versions would come after that. Or maybe I’m an idiot for being the only one to comment.

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