Brawley Family Genealogy I

The Brawley Family

This family line is particularly exciting personally, because it’s still new to me. This is my paternal grandmother’s grandmother’s family, and although I learned of the Brawley name a few years back, I knew nothing of the family members, themselves.

So Grandma’s grandmother’s name was Frances “Fanny” Brawley. She was born in March 1855 in Grundy County, Tennessee. Grundy County is one of those that changed names quite a bit as the State of TennesseeĀ  was getting organized, but the bit where Fanny was born was Grundy County by 1855.

I went through Grundy County last year, hoping to sniff out some more details regarding the family, but I was largely disappointed. It’s still a sparsely populated area, which means the county has precious little to offer in terms of paperwork, and the library…well, we didn’t find a library. Neighboring Coffee county had a small library where I located information on a Braley (alternate spelling) cemetery that I hoped we’d find, but despite following exact instructions, we did not locate this particular cemetery. In the end, it didn’t matter…who I thought was Fanny’s grandparents, turned out to be her great-uncle and great-aunt and family.

Fanny married Richard Jabez Fletcher in 1881, Arkansas. They are both buried in Rule, a small community in Northern Arkansas.

Fanny’s mother, Mary “Polly” (Hitson) Brawley (1814-1907) is also buried in Rule, but Fanny’s father, Alfred “Fred” Brawley (1814-abt. 1870), is buried in Grundy County, Tennessee. Mary “Polly” Hitson Brawley’s father was Richard Hitson (1780-1826), who evidently served in the War of 1812. He was murdered by his son-in-law in Claiborne County, Tennessee according to a story on, but I don’t guess we’ll ever learn the reason why.

Alfred “Fred” Brawley’s parents were Leroy Brawley (1788-1867) and Sarah “Sally” McSpedden (1785-1861). The McSpeddens were from Virginia, but Leroy Brawley was born in Rowan County, North Carolina, as were his parents, Walter Braley (1761-1824) and Honor Prudence Carson (1771-1820). I visited Rowan County and their wonderfully laid-out genealogy section of the public library last year, as I was doing some research on another family that I never was able to prove was mine. Now that I know the Braley/Brawley Family is from there, I have an excellent excuse to go back!

Leroy had a brother, Alfred, who married a woman named Mary. This is why I was thinking my Alfred and Mary might be buried in that Braley cemetery I could not find. Leroy and Sally moved to Texas, and died in Cherokee County. I have not yet visited where they lived and died, but I am sure looking forward to it!

Are you related to the Braley/Brawley Family? Let me know, and let’s compare notes!


2 thoughts on “Brawley Family Genealogy I

  1. Hi cousin Thank you for sharing your notes , thoughts, research on the Braleys who lived on in Tennessee and Arkansas. I’m from california descended from those who went through Tennessee. Off the top of my head I recall my Ggfather(?) john steele braly was a surveyor in tn. Died there. There was possibly a rift in the family due to religion after the war. John steele’s remaining family converted to Mormonism and were chased from the area to points west and eventually landed in Utah, Idaho, and ca.

    Your comments in the other post about being careful of taking everything as fact were well done.

    I don’t have much time for genealogy right now but it’s still a dormant passion! So i look on the internet now and then Someday I may be able to spend time on it again. Let’s stay in touch.

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