My Travels: A New Category, Altogether

I have a travel addiction.

I’ve visited all 50 states and 37 countries.

I am always thinking about the next trip, and trying to answer the age-old question: where to next?

I have traveled by ship, plane, car, truck, ferry, helicopter, train and I wish I could have traveled by covered wagon, or at least stagecoach. I have tried both.

I’ve stayed in hotels, B&B’s, motels, people’s homes, churches, hostels, cabins, chalets, tents, travel trailers, truck beds, car seats, and on a cot under the stars. I’ve stayed in some lodgings that I didn’t even know what they were called.

What’s the most important part about traveling? It’s different for everybody.
I love trying new food and drink, meeting people, observing the culture, seeing the sights, learning the history, watching for the flora and fauna, and just breathing the air.
I love the experience of going somewhere else, having a grand adventure, and then returning with my memories, stories, and pictures to my own hearth and home.

I am really into genealogy, so if I go somewhere that I can do research, I’m on it. But I have been plenty of places that no one in my entire family has ever been before.

We travelers can sound egotistical…but we really just are loving life and want to share that experience with others.
I’m always threatening to install seat belts on our couch so we can invite friends over to see all our pictures and videos…and ensure they cannot quickly escape.
But the truth is that we don’t usually show our pictures…unless people beg. Not because they’re that good, but because we took them for ourselves. Kind of like journal entries written just for yourself and not for others to read.

I definitely enjoy sharing the stories…those are the best part! If three different people traveled to Paris and took pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the pictures would all look basically the same. But each one of those folks would have a unique tale to tell, and that really does make all the difference.

Let’s go!

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