On the Road to…Wait, Where Am I Going?

When I started this blog, I fully intended to chronicle my adventures on the path to publishing.
I had four writing projects I was working on, and figured I could just describe my progress with each, up to and including finishing the works and getting them either self or traditionally published.
First of all, I did not realize how many people are out there blogging about the exact same process.
Also, I did not anticipate how slow this process would be…or, at times, how boring.
Meanwhile, my project list has grown to seven (I have three more excellent ideas I will definitely pursue, although not until I get to stopping places with my other four).

As I planned to write this particular blog post on the update of my current four projects months ago, I ran into a series of problems.
Besides the fact that each step takes a great deal of time, I haven’t worked on Project #3 or Project #2 for a very long time.
Project #4 is being subjected to beta readings and agent queries.
Project #1 is undergoing its first (read: hugest and most gargantuan) editing.

What’s a blogger to do? I had set a goal for myself of publishing a post every four days, and I didn’t have anything to report for weeks at a time!

I chose another focus, and blogged about a second passion of mine: Genealogy.
This lasted for 28 posts, which I did not expect, but at the end…still nothing really to report on the writing front.

Thus, now I am revamping this blog once again, this time to encompass all three of my interests.
My three focus points: Writing, Travel, Genealogy

I’m not terribly concerned about this turn of events, or the fact that I’m writing about three different topics: from what I’ve read, bloggers do sometimes change their focus…a little or a lot…and my following is flexible enough to roll with the changes.

Plus, now there’s more likely something interesting to read for more people, and apparently, there are several folks out there interested in all of it!

So, here’s to readjusting the focus now and then…and I hope you will enjoy the new variety of posts.


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