Genealogy #9: Heading Out on the Road, part 4

Heading Out on the Road, part 4

3. Newspaper Offices

Newspaper offices are great sources…if they have the old newspaper  archives.
Some do, others don’t.
Sometimes they have the actual papers that you can gingerly look through.
Sometimes the archives are all either held somewhere else, or are on microfilm, or both.
If they are held somewhere else,  like the State Archives, the local library, the historical society, etc. the newspaper office will be able to tell  you where they are located.
While you’re there, find out how long the paper goes back.
Sometimes we assume a paper has been there forever, but of course it had a start date.
With luck, it is a date prior to the information you need.

When you finally locate the newspaper archives, wherever they are, and whatever form they are in, you will want to look for several items:
Birth announcements
News stories

The first three may be obvious, but don’t forget to check everything under your family last name from the time period your family was in this location.
You may locate births of children you didn’t now about, or who died as infants.
Or prior marriages no one has documented.
Or obituaries for people you “knew” died elsewhere.
Obituaries are great sources for other members of the family, as well.
News stories are good to look through because oftentimes things happened to your family you were not previously aware of.
Headlines are great to check so that you know what events were important to your family at the time.

Next post: 4. Libraries and  5. Genealogy Societies


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