Genealogy #9: Heading Out on the Road, part 1

Heading Out on the Road, part 1

When you exit your town (and possibly your county or state) on the search for genealogy information, it definitely helps to have a plan.

Before you ever leave home, you should have an outline, checklist, or notes sheet detailing where you are going, and what you hope to find when you get there.
As such information may be found in more than one location, you might just make a gridsheet, with locations down the side (such as graveyards, courthouses, newspaper offices, libraries, and genealogy or historical societies) and information you are seeking along the top (such as death dates, land records, wills/deeds, biographies, local histories, etc.)

For your first trip, you’ll want to try looking in all sorts of places for the information you hope to find.
It is important to “leave no stone unturned” for a couple of reasons.
First, you will find your information in different locations, depending on the county (it is remarkable how varied  they can be!).
Second, you may find either corroborative or conflicting information, but it is important to find this material regardless, as it could lead to further clues down the road (said road being both figurative and literal, in this case).

For this grouping of posts, I will describe in greater detail experiences you may have when visiting (or even locating) the following areas:
1. Graveyards
2. Courthouses
3. Newspaper Offices
4. Libraries
5. Genealogical and/or Historical Societies

There is no question there are other places to search out information while traveling, but these are my favorite places; thus, I have much more to offer regarding these particular areas.

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