Genealogy #7: Don’t Give Up! part 3

Don’t Give Up! part 3

So the first two parts of Genealogy #7 dealt with those ancestors of mine who I felt certain were patriots, but couldn’t prove it, or are documented patriots, but I ran into insurmountable brick walls when trying to prove my direct lineage from them (at least…so far).

This last part addresses what happened when I finally had a break-through.

One of my family lines went back to 1850s Maine, but there it stopped.
I had tried unsucessfully for years to find more information on this family, mainly because of two important details.
I did not know the name of the father of my ancestor, who unhelpfully died before the first census naming my ancestor was taken.
The family name I was researching: Jones.

Now, Jones is not the most common surname in the U.S., but it is very common, particularly where I was looking in Maine.
After searching for my ancestor (whose name I did have: Lewis Jones) through census lists for a long time, a friendly genealogist at last found him for me: living with his widowed mother and brother in Illinois!

So now I had his mother’s name (Sarah), but no father’s name.
After checking through multiple Maine marriage sites, I finally found Sarah married to Cyrus Jones, in Old Town, Maine (where Lewis, and it turns out, Sarah, were born).
Sometime after that, I located Sarah and Cyrus, living with their first son, George, (who died before the 1860 census, along with his father).


I was very excited to have located one more proven generation back in my Jones line, and was content.
But then in February, about 8 months after I had located this information, I thought that I would put Cyrus Jones’s name into the descendency search program on the Daughters of the American Revolution.
I knew Cyrus was much too young to be a patriot, but maybe he came from a patriot family?
Well, as it turned out, he wasn’t listed.

But his father, Cyrus Jones, Sr. was!

And just like that, the shadows fell away, and I was suddenly looking at the descendency chart of one Elijah Jones, patriot.
MY patriot.
In my JONES line.
Who knew?

And the outcome of this particular story, more than any other I may share with you, is why you don’t give up.


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