Genealogy #7: Don’t Give Up! part 1

Don’t Give Up! part 1

I had always been intrigued by the Daughters of the American Revolution.
They were greatly admired by my beloved grandfather, and then there was the huge historical connection.
I knew my family had been in America a long, long time, so I felt certain there must be a patriot in the family on one side or the other….

The next three posts (including this one) are about that search with trials and tribulations to find just one provable patriot, and the (possibly) insurmountable problems that surfaced.

I began with my mother’s side, as I knew the most about her ancestors.
My grandfather’s family is Holland Dutch (he arrived in the US in the ’30s), so I just concentrated on my grandma’s side.
After checking out lines that had potential (people in the right place at the right time) I found two individuals who were confirmed patriots that were supposed to be in my family line.

Now, what I mean by “supposed to be” is this: after doing research in a number of places on the internet, the popular opinion seems to be that these two men are in my family.
However, popular opinion isn’t the same as established fact!
If I were going to claim these men as ancestors, I would need to prove my conection.
Alas, this was the tough part.

The two men in question were Henry Yeary and Isaac Holeman, one each from both my grandma’s parents.
I had determined their patriotic standing through the DAR books at our local library.

But linking up would be harder, and for very different reasons.

In Henry Yeary’s case, I am able to prove my link to his son-in-law, but not his daughter.
I have been looking and looking, and I cannot find proof of marriage between Mary Polly Yeary and Abner Hatfield.
This situation is complicated by the fact that Henry Yeary had a sister by the same name.
But I hope one day to establish this connection.

In Isaac Holeman’s case, the situation is much more bizarre.
His daughter, Patience Holeman, married James Dean.
But I cannot prove a link to them through my ancestor, Nancy J. Dean, who is purportedly their daughter.
Perhaps the most perplexing is that Nancy is not mentioned in James Dean’s probate.

But she was born in Jessamine County, Kentucky, where the only Deans were James and Patience.
So if they aren’t her parents, who could be?
I hope to sort this out for good, someday.

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