Genealogy #4: Related Writing Projects, part 7

Step #7: Rounding It All Up

After following all the afore-mentioned steps, finally I reach the last four on my list:

List of Questions.
Updating the Genealogy Program information.
Updating the Family Lists.
Updating the State Lists.

The List of Questions is a list I compiled after eyeballing the newly-created Family Lists.
Now that I have done as much immediate research as I plan to at this time, I update the List of Questions connected to each Family List.
Did I answer any questions? Did I come up with new questions? I update one list, and move on to the next.

As I complete the research for each Family List and update the Lists of Questions in turn, I next compare the information I have recently gathered with the Genealogy Program I am using.
If I have new info, I update it at this time.

BTW, if you do a great deal of research through, the newest version of Family Tree Maker (12) works in conjuncion with
So if you have just updated your family tree with the leaves on, you can easily update your information with Family Tree Maker all in one step.
I don’t have Version 12, so I freely admit I may not fully understand the situation, but here’s my concern with this set-up.
Frequently, the information I find using the family tree feature on is not documented.
So I have gotten into the habit of saving the information I find through the leaves on to the family tree on the site, but I do not update my Family Tree Maker on the lap-top until it is proven (i.e. fully documented).
I do not know if  Version 12 allows you the option of linking it with the family tree on in each instance, or if it’s an all or nothing feature.
All or nothing would stink.

After updating the genealogy program on my computer, I update the Family Lists.
As I have been uncovering information, I update the Family List I’m working with.
The first version is a hand-written list.
All subsequent versions (as I do subsequent research) are typed.
I take the current version (hand-written or typed in black) and make all corrections in red pen, so I may more easily make the necessary changes on the computer.

Lastly, once I have updated all Family Lists, I print them out, highlight the states in varying colors (or at least make sure adjoining states are not the same color. Arkansas and Maryland can share a color with Illinois, as they are all separated) and use these sheets to update the State Lists.

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